Signs She Is Flirting With You

The subtle signs a girl shows when she tries to flirt with you may get hard to recognize. I am sure you would love to have a girl flirt with you, but chances are that quite a few may have already done it and have given up when they  realized that you’re  too thick headed to understand their  overtures……. Read More

How to compliment your girl ?

Let’s get this one thing straight: All women love compliments and some even live for them, So no matter how cool an air your girl tries to give off, she is secretly dying to hear a few words of praise from you……. Read More

Finding Out If She Is One

So, you’ve been going out for over a year with your girlfriend and feel its the right time to take the relationship to the next level, You may claim to know her at the best as well as worst behaviour and accept her for who she is……. Read More

Signs A Girl Likes You

Once you’ve figured out that she is, in fact, interested, what’s next? Watch the video above to know what women want after they’ve made it clear they’re interested……. Read More

5 Most Romantic Things To Say To a Girl

Gentlemen, how many times you’ve found yourself with the right girl,wrapped in one another’s arms to create the right moment but have been lost for words? Well, you can avoid yourself the embarrassment by reading up these tips on the Most Romantic Things to Say to YOUR Girl……. Read More

Romantic Relationship Versus Friend With Benefits

We’ve all watched, or at least heard of, the movie that was released in September last year,which popularised the idea of a friend with benefits, a relationship that Wikipedia describes as both physical and emotional, yet without the demands or extra commitment of a more formal romance ……. Read More

5 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Partner

When we’re single but don’t want to be, it’s natural to wonder if we’ll ever meet the right partner. However, getting into a successful relationship is not all that different from achieving any other dream, such as reaching a financial goal or launching a lucrative, satisfying business……. Read More

How To Figure Out What She’s Really Saying

What it Means: Well, you don’t know yet — because she’s only been telling the story for 15 minutes, and she won’t get to the main point for another 10. “Going on and on can really irritate men,” says Lillian Glass, PhD, author of He Says, She Says: Closing the Communication Gap Between the Sexes……. Read More



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