Sex Positions She Craves

You want to please your partner. I want to help you. (Well, not literally, but you get where this is going.) That’s why we surveyed over 1,100 women on which sex positions they wish you’d try more often. (Spoiler: Missionary came in dead last.) The poll consisted of 11 positions, and each participant was to select which three she fancied the most. As it turns out, the ladies want the same thing you do: more adventure!

Interested in what our respondents had to say? Check out the five positions that ranked the highest:

No. 1: Face-Off Position, 48 percent ranked this in their top three

How it benefits her: She’s in control of the depth, as well as the pace of the thrusts. (Bonus: You have killer access to her breasts. Utilize this.)

No. 2: G-Whiz, 32 percent ranked this in their top three

How it benefits her: When she raises her legs, it narrows her vagina—making it easier for you to target her G-Spot. 

No. 3: Upstanding Citizen, 31 percent ranked this in their top three

How it benefits her: It’s. So. Sexy. (Advice for you: Spread your thighs slightly, don’t lock your knees, and if you have a bad back—don’t attempt it. Nothing says “mood killer” like hurting yourself.)

No. 4: Flatiron, 31 percent ranked this in their top three

How it benefits her: It creates a snug fit. (Simply put: You feel larger to her in this position.)

No. 5: Stand and Deliver, 30 percent ranked this in their top three

How it benefits her: Bending at the waist tightens her vaginal walls and increases the intensity of the friction. (Want to take it up a notch? Reach around with your free hand and caress her clitoris.)

So there you have it, five woman-approved sex positions. Now go out there and see which one you and your partner like best!


Effective Tips to Keep Your Girl Satisfied

If you have been wondering about how to keep your girl satisfied,

constantly worrying that lately she doesn’t seem to be as excited in your company in the way she used to be earlier, you need to shake yourself and start searching for answers. For starters, understand that keeping a girl satisfied is more about the cerebral thing, i.e. emotional satisfaction, apart from the usual ingredients like making intimacy more pleasurable. You need to ensure that you arouse, satisfy and still keep her hungry for more from an intellectual and sexual perspective. The following tips might help you understand how to approach this slightly complex niche:


Be More Attentive

Yes, most women are blabber-mouths and your girlfriend too just cannot stop yapping. You have developed a sort of mental immunity to what she talks about, usually ignoring the details and subtle hints that might be camouflaged in her verbose chatter. Try to pay more attention and pick-up such signals. She might be hinting at things missing from your relationship. Further, when you listen attentively, chances are that you will discover more things about her, including her personality traits and interests. This gives you more reasons to talk about, make your conversations inclined more towards her interests, presenting you as a seriously caring boyfriend. Most women feel flattered when their men tend to remember the smaller things and take interest in seemingly trivial pursuits.

Be Random, Unpredictable

Women like men with a bit of mystique and a few surprises. You don’t need to turn into a stuntman to satiate her appetite for being surprised. Just do the normal things in a different way. For instance, you could suggest joining yoga or swimming classes
together or taking a trip on a sport’s bike. Offer to teach her driving if she seems afraid to get behind the wheel or show-up with a totally unexpected gift for her. Invite her to a unisex salon where the two of you could get streaks of the same shade.
The idea is to kill the monotony in the relationship to ensure that you are keeping your girl satisfied. Dump emailing and sending SMS to her. Instead, try the snail mail for expressing your love.

Be More Nurturing

They say women are born with a maternal instinct and naturally tend to care more than men. This is true but this doesn’t mean that she has got to nurture you while you sit back and enjoy being taken care of—rise up to the challenge and reversing the
role for a few days. This is not about pampering her more but nurturing where you need to take care of her smallest needs and be more compassionate. For instance, is she complains of headaches, give her a gentle shoulder or head massage. Tell your
 that you will accompany her to her next appointment with the dentist. Seek couple packages at spas and wellness centers and tell her that you are doing it since you are constantly worried about her being overworked or stressed.

Giving-in To What She Yearns For

It could be that your girlfriend is satisfied but you are limiting her freedom to the extent that she feels a bit suffocated and thus, unhappy. You need to be more adjusting here. Give her more time to spend with her friends. If this means checking upon her daily schedule a bit less frequently and not asking her whereabouts all the time, just do it. Any relationship that borders on being too restrictive doesn’t have a very long lifespan.

Never Stop Experimenting in Bed

If you two have graduated to a deep level of intimacy, it could be that sex is getting too predictable to keep your woman satisfied. You need to spice-up your love life. The best approach towards this is having a teenager-like mentality to explore what else you guys can do. For instance, watch some porn together and mark-out sexual positions you could try. You need to understand that the body’s sensitivity and the degree of arousal level achieved can decrease over a period if the same positions and spots are repeated. Try to search and enact roleplay themes that interest both of you. Sometimes, couples who have a decent degree of bedroom time, tend to lose focus of how trivial things in life too could be erotic.
This includes getting naughty at the movie hall, catching a kiss in the parking lot or groping her seductively (and secretly) in the elevator. The idea is to keep adding a new dimension to your intimacy every time it seems that things are getting a bit uninteresting for either of you. If you have been the dominant partner so far, let her take over for a few weeks in the bedroom.

PDA: How Much is Too Much?

Many a times, you and your loved one would be in a public place

just being yourselves and for no probable reason you keep getting glances from every passerby. The reason for those queer glances is most probably your public display of affection or PDA for your partner. Now, there are no set norms which apply to PDA but there are certain guidelines you should adhere to, depending on the place you are in. Below are some pointers that would help you keep within the acceptable social limits of PDA.


1. Mind Your Surroundings

The famous quote from ‘Batman Begins’ surprisingly also holds good for PDA. At busy public spaces like metro stations, restaurants and malls, it is best to keep your display of affection limited. However, it is best to steer clear of any PDA at workplaces and religious places.

2. Draw the Line

Holding hands, light cuddling and hugs pass off as acceptable public displays of affection, but make sure you are not too obtrusive while doing these things. However, long kisses, smooches, groping, and fondling are areas regarded as strictly unacceptable. Getting too intimate may not only invite frowns, but it can also make your partner uncomfortable.

3. Judge the Situation

Strolling down the park holding hands with your partner is something perfectly acceptable and rather a pleasing sight. However, doing the same on a crowded street may seem a bit distasteful. It is best to analyse the situation and try to think from the perspective of a third person.

4. Consult your Partner

It is possible that your partner may feel uncomfortable with things that don’t even qualify for PDA. Making an assumption about the comfort level of your partner is not the best of ways. It is always preferable to initiate a discussion with your partner to be clear about the situations or actions that might make her uncomfortable.

5. Alcohol

Under the influence of alcohol, it is convenient for things to spiral out of control. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and instils a complete disregard for your surroundings. It is best not to engage in any PDA while you are drunk as things are bound to get loose and cause embarrassment to you.

Public displays of affection are not necessarily synonymous with vulgar or inappropriate. They may even help to further strengthen a relationship. PDAs can also be regarded as a mutual gesture for showing conformity of love for each other. The main thing here is to take into account that you are not making those gestures at the expense of others. If your actions make the people around you uncomfortable, it is best not to indulge in such actions on the basic principles of civility. And if you really just cannot help showing your love for your partner then you should indeed ‘get a room’.

What being in love does for your body

We all know that being in love is a heavenly sensation, but what’s it actually doing to your body? The answer is, it turns out, a great deal of good. We look at the physical effects of falling for someone, and why it can be so, so good for us…


Are you sleeping better? Losing weight more easily? Not coming down with flu even though all the others in your office are dropping like flies? Chances are, you’re in love. Experts seem to agree that, as a result of side-effects ranging from plummeting blood pressure and steadying hormone levels to burning calories in the sack and fighting bad stress with good, falling for someone means you’ve struck health gold.

“The course of true love never did run smooth,” wrote William Shakespeare. But what did he know? Here are our top reasons why you should be thankful you’ve hooked up.

It increases your lifespan

While some may joke that tying the knot is “throwing your life away”, it turns out they couldn’t be more wrong. Research has shown over and over that married couples – even more so than those cohabitating – have longer lifespans. The main reason is that most people in healthy long-term relationships are less stressed overall, cutting down on major health risks. They’re also more active, drinking and smoking less than their single peers. A study by Duke University, North Carolina, for example, found that people who don’t marry were more than twice as likely to die early than those who had been in a stable, long-term relationship.

It improves your overall health

Being loved up has been shown to reduce the risk of all sorts of diseases, including cancers, high blood pressure, strokes and depression. Reducing your stress levels is a gift that keeps on giving too; in turn you’ll also develop a much stronger immune system. Meanwhile, having sex just once a week has been linked (in a study by Wilkes University, Pennsylvania) to higher levels of immunoglobulin A, a super antibody that keeps colds and other nasty bugs at bay.

These regular bouts of lovemaking also make for a better night’s sleep. The oxytocin hormone that our bodies release helps us relax. Benefits of good quality snoozing are legion, including lower weight and blood pressure and having more energy during the day – much like a healthy exercise regime.

You burn more calories

While it may not be the same as 45 minutes on the elliptical, getting it on can burn something like 100-200 calories in a half-hour session (it depends how vigorously you are going at it). Even making out for 20 minutes has the potential to burn 60 calories. It may not seem much at first glance, but doing it a few times a week really adds up – and it’s a whole lot more fun than spin class.

Hugging does more than keep you warm

Who doesn’t love a good hug? Making time to snuggle with your loved one has been shown to have some surprising benefits. Hugging, cuddling and even holding hands triggers the release of the ‘feel-good hormone’ oxytocin, and the endorphin release is similar to the feeling we get post-workout, after taking a bite of chocolate or the high that we get from orgasm.

On a deeper level, a warm embrace has been shown to lower blood pressure and help us tackle everyday stress. Luckily for us ladies, a study by the University of California a few years ago even proved that holding hands with your man has an anaesthetic effect, making us more resilient to pain. So next time you cut your finger or have a pounding headache, demand a cuddle.

Your circulation improves

It’s not just his blood-flow which improves when you’re together… Research shows that simply finding someone attractive – and even those first date ‘butterflies’ – can improve organ function. Sexual attraction has been linked to increased blood flow – proof that the opposite sex really can send our pulses racing. All that extra oxygen keeps your heart in good shape, improves focus, boosts your metabolism and even promotes glowing skin.

You look prettier

And not just because of that extra glow… There’s no doubt sex can make you feel good, but it can also make you look good too. As Jerry Hall recently said in an interview, ‘being in love’ is the top beauty tip. But it’s not just celebrity hearsay – there is actual physiological evidence which supports the theory that love cuts down on the need for spot creams, blusher and even lip plumping gloss.

Our bodies produce extra oestrogen during sex, balancing hormone levels and boosting our confidence levels to produce nature’s most effective acne remedy. Did we mention the shiner hair and glowing cheeks too?

And here’s some more good news, sex is also known to boost collagen production, helping to keep dreaded wrinkles and dry skin at bay. As we get older our collagen production levels naturally slow – all the more reason to keep the bedroom romance alive.

You’ll be cool under pressure

That pre-date adrenaline rush might put you on edge at the time, but research suggests that this acute surge of nerves is a type of ‘beneficial stress’ which will stand you in good stead in the long run. It’s a bit like jumping out of a plane – you might be scared at the time, but you’ll be glad you did it once you’re feet are back on the ground.

Top Ten Signs You’ve Found The One!

Wonder if he or she is the one in your life? While there isn’t a fool-proof test to ascertain that, there are a few signs you can watch out for….


Wonder if he or she is the one in your life? While there isn’t a fool-proof test to ascertain that, there are a few signs you can watch out for…

Looking into the future.

If you’re trying to figure out if you have found ‘the one’, take a look at this list. If you can tick against all the items below, then give that relationship a chance to become all that it possibly can.

Ten signs you have found ‘the one’:

1. When the time is right!

For many, relationships are fraught with obstacles. There is always something that keeps them from enjoying it the way it is. It might be a stressful job or lack of money. And both people in the relationship feel when the problem is resolved, they’ll be truly happy together. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.

When you’ve met the one, you’ll embrace each other no matter what the situation. A happy well-adjusted couple doesn’t have to chase what should or could be. The two will share a comfort level that enables them to support each other through a crisis rather than wait upon it to resolve to be content together.

2. You are comfortable being you.

You know you have met the one when your partner loves you for exactly what and who you are. When there is complete acceptance of each other, the relationship is more fulfilling. This doesn’t mean one condones bad behaviour or such.

So if the person isn’t critical of your every move, and if you are comfortable just being you when you’re around the person – it’s a sign that he/she is worth spending your life together.

3. Open communication.

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation to illustrate this: There are two couples, couple X and couple Y. Both these couples have been together for the same amount of time. Couple X has frequent conflict, couple Y has never had one. Who among the two has a healthy relationship? If you’re answer was couple Y, you’re wrong. It’s impossible for two people who’re together to have no conflict at all. In the case of couple Y, it’s most likely that one or both partners is not forthcoming about problems. The needs of one or both partners isn’t being voiced and hence not addressed.

So how you communicate your needs and manage conflict is a significant pointer.

4. There’s no relationship anxiety.

If you find yourself constantly worrying about insignificant things in the relationship, then stop and introspect. When you’ve met the one, there is less anxiety about the relationship.

5. Trust your gut.

Examine your true feeling. How do you feel when you are around him or her? If you’re at ease and truly feel he’s the one, then go for it. Listen to your gut, and you’ll know whether this one is for keeps.

6. There is no drama.

If he/she is the one, it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect together. Rather look at conflict when it arises and try to make the relationship work. When in conflict, how do you two deal with it? Is there a lot of yelling and shouting or do you hear each other out and acknowledge one another’s feelings? If there is drama, there is manipulation, abuse and the kind. It’s best to re-examine your relationship before you fully commit, if this is the case.

7. Your closed ones see what you see!

If the people who love you are asking you to get away from him/her, then you might want to take a second look. Sometimes, however, your friends/family might push for a relationship that you have no interest in. In such cases, it’s not wise to follow their lead.

8. You remain a priority in your life.

If you find yourself changing your priorities in life to accommodate that person, it shows that you’re undermining your own importance and needs. This could well amount to you getting carried away in the relationship you are in. In the long term, this just won’t work. You know the person is for keeps, when you remain a priority in your life while you’re in the relationship. And how does he/she feel about it? This one is also about whether you – personally — are ready for a long-term relationship.

9. The compatibility factor.

It’s true that opposites attract, however, such relationships don’t stand the test of time. What matters most in a long-term — committed relationship — is compatibility. This doesn’t mean the two are completely alike, rather the stress is on a strong common ground. Your life values, career goals, and priorities ought to be compatible for a fulfilling, lasting relationship.

10. Mutual respect.

Respect for each other is the foundation of all relationships, and certainly is in a couple’s relationship. There is no way you can build a lasting, secure relationship without this.

A special touch can make a difference

It seems all we need is an affectionate feel of our partner to be cheerful in life and take on the worldcp.jpg

As a British survey has shown how being busy, stressed and tired is starving Britons of their share of much-needed kisses and cuddles from the loved ones. In a survey of 2,000 people in relationships, two-thirds said they felt “starved” of physical affection even though they were in a happy relationship, Daily Mail reported.

Three out of five people in a relationship said they wish they could spend more time kissing and cuddling with their partner. Almost a third of couples, however, admitted they can go for days without touching each other.

Over 80 percent rated skin contact with their partner as important while more than half said touching and being touched made them feel closer to their loved one.

The survey also revealed women feeling their partner’s touch being actually the cheapest and most effective beauty booster.

During the poll, the people said just their partner’s touch could make 40 percent of women feel more attractive.

Susan Quilliam, a sex and relationship expert from Durex, who commissioned the survey, said: “All the research suggests that couples who reach out to each other physically feel more positive not only about themselves but also about each other.”

Many of the couples admitted that they thought regular sex was the cornerstone of a healthy relationship.

Eight out of 10 Britons rated a touch as the most important element in their relationship. Many couples said they kissed or cuddled once or twice a day.

Skin intimacy specialist Abigail James said relationships and people’s wellbeing will benefit from increased daily affection.

“There’s no doubt that touch is great for your skin. As a therapist you learn very early on the huge mental, health and beauty benefits positive touch can have.”

“Having sex releases a hormone called DHEA, which is thought to increase your production of collagen and sebum which help keep skin looking youthful by making it firmer, smoother and balancing oil production.”

5 Surefire Ways to Stay Together


Feel your relationship floating away? Ask yourself if you’re headed down the same path with your partner—literally. Commuting to work in the same direction as your spouse could put your relationship on course for increased happiness, according to a study from Chinese researchers.

It all has to do with the concept of “grounded cognition,” the idea that bodily and sensory stimulation can influence metaphorically associated judgments, says study author Irene Xun Huang of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. If someone’s behaviors align with your own—say you’re both physically traveling in the same direction—it can make the feelings of striving for the same goal more salient in peoples’ minds.

Still, if you have to make the rush-hour trek alone, here are five tips guaranteed to keep your relationship strong—and on the right track. (Want more must-have relationship advice? Sign up for The Girl Next Door newsletterfor free!)

1. Share a Chuckle
In the language of love, laughter is key. Reminiscing about inside jokes can give you a bigger boost of satisfaction than recalling a laugh you had on your own, according to a study from Appalachian State University. More importantly, the shared laughter doesn’t have to stem from positive circumstances. So go ahead, laugh together about that time you face-planted on the sidewalk or made a major faux pas at a family function.

2. Try a Foursome
No, not that kind. We’re talking about a double date. Friendships with other couples can help solidify your relationship, finds new research from the University of Maryland. The reason: Seeing your girlfriend or wife being social at her best can make her more attractive and reveal new aspects of her personality. Interacting with another couple can also give you a model of what to strive for (the way they compliment each others sentences) or what to avoid (the way they bicker), according to the study.

3. Compliment Her
In the long run, small gestures mean the most, according to a 25-year study funded by the National Institute of Health. The study, which followed 373 married couples for a quarter of a century, found that those who gave affective affirmations regularly were the happiest. “Give compliments, offer encouragement, and use subtle gestures like handholding,” suggests study author Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., author of 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great. “It shows your partner that you notice them and you don’t take them for granted.” Try these daily: Tell your girl she looks great in her new jeans, give her a hand with the dishes, send her a middle-of-the-day sexy email, or fill up her gas tank.

4. Deepen Your Conversation
When was the last time you talked about anything other than the kids, work, or household chores? Knowing more about your partner in four key areas—friends, stressors, life dreams, and values—can increase overall happiness, according to a National Institute of Health study. In fact, 98 percent of the happy couples in the study said they intimately knew and understood their partners. Your move:  “Ask her about a happy memory from her childhood, to name the three worst songs of all time, or what her favorite movie is and why,” says Orbuch.

5. Shake Things Up
Playing hooky won’t always land you in hot water, so skip the same old, same old and fight your way out of a relationship rut by adding variety to a vanilla routine. “ Skip work and do something fun together, like visiting a museum or tourist spot nearby,” Orbuch says. “Take a water-skiing class, and swing your pelvis at a dance workshop.”