G6How to Be Grunge

Shop at thrift stores. Look for items that are comfortable and practical rather than “stylish.”
Consider the outdoors and heavy metal as influences for your style. The look should be low maintenance. For women blending feminine and masculine looks with their hard and soft aspects clashing, is a popular look. That’s like mixing a lace baby doll dress with spiked shoes or a flowy floral skirt with leather jacket. For men, the same rules apply. Try mixing a wool blazer with acid wash jeans or military boots with long colorful shorts.
Items that are worth investing in are: Flannel, Big Sweaters, Leather Jackets, Band Shirts, Long Shorts, maxi skirts and dresses Ripped Shorts/Jeans, Patterned Tights, Jean Jackets/Vests, Baby-Doll Dresses, Boyfriend Cardigans, Colored Jeans, Crew Neck Shirts, and Dark Jeans.

Accessorize with Rounded Sunglasses, Ray-Band Sunglasses, Converses, Lace-Up Boots, Doc Martins, Military Boots (Unlaced), High/Exposed Socks, and Interesting Hats.
Hair shouldn’t take time. Messy and greasy hair are both calling cards of the grunge look. For men, facial hair is the perfect mixture of messy and apathetic. For women, consider dying your hair muted pink, blue, purple or ombre hair. Beyond that don’t focus on “perfecting a hair look.” Instead throw it up in a bun or pony tail or leave it down with its natural kinks.
For women, makeup is a similar mix of natural and bold. Try little makeup with bright red lips, or no make up with heavy eyeliner.

Get the Grunge Attitude
Emulate the musical roots of grunge. The grunge movement was heavily influenced by bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam, with Soundgarden having the largest influence on the genre. Grunge musicians themselves were influenced by the Beatles and many other pop bands, not to mention heavy metal of the early 70s (particularly Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin).
Protest the mainstream by opting out. Grungers object to societal ideals by simply not participating in trying to achieve them.
Stop caring about being admired. Recognize that being famous and popular are shallow forms of validating yourself. They have no actual value.


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