Acceptable white lies in a relationship

When it comes to your choice of outfit or weight, partners tend to lie. As long as the lies are harmless, they are acceptable.

Here’s a list of common harmless lies :-


* Does my buttock look big in this?

Answer: No.

It may well look rather rounded after festive season, but if he tells you that you look like some celebrity, you know that it’s not true.

* Do I look fat?

Answer: No.

A ‘Yes’ in answer to this question makes you sit with a box of chocolate to stop you feeling like you not only hate the way you look but your partner does too. Then you realise once the entire box has been finished that you are not really helping yourself to escape from it.

* Is she prettier than me?

Answer: No.

There are always girls who are prettier than you out there. As long as you make the best of what you have then you are the prettiest you can be. In his eyes, you should be the prettiest woman in every room, but that is not the reality.

* What do you think of my hair like this?

Answer: I love it.

He’s not going to come up with better options. So, even if he thinks you look a bit messy, he won’t tell you that and just accept that this is how you are going to look for the evening.

* Which dress do you prefer?

Answer: I like them all.

He is always going to choose the hottest one that you have, but will try and pick the one that you seem to favor the most.


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