7 Types Of Women You Find At Bars

Bars and pubs are the place to be after a long and highly anticipated Friday. The perfect venues to loosen up your tie, catch up with buddies, grab a few drinks and maybe use your charm on the ladies. Albeit you tend to bump into a very animated and distinctive bunch of these that form the fairer sex. Some stand out captivate you in the right way, why there are others who leave you scarred with their outrageously hilarious behaviour. And for that, we bring to you the seven type of women we happen to spot the most in weekend quest to the nearest drinking hole.

1.The Dance To/Of Death Girl

We love to shake a leg and loosen them muscles after a drink or two. Thankfully, we are always captivated by few gorgeous ladies doing the same on the dance floor. But beware. There are few who take regular breaks, maybe freshen up, grab another drink and get back to hit the floor. And then, there are others who have made the dance floor their home when they’re drenched with sweat, coupled with dishevelled hair and eye-makeup running down their cheeks. While they’re a delight to watch with their commendable stamina, there happens to be another kind who have had a drink too much and they end up bumping and swaying their way all across the dance floor. They have no sense of time and space and might fumble and tumble all over the place. This is the dance of death. Throw in a pole and they even lose their inhibitions.

2.The Woman With Capacity

You see her guzzling one cocktail after another, followed by a chain of flaming shots that she gleefully downs in a single shot accompanied by a loud delirious hooting. The beer pitcher comes in and she’s game for a chugging challenge. Some starters as accompaniments and someone announces the next round of Jager Bombs are on them. That lights up their face and you see this girl taking it all in without breaking into a sweat. You wish you could give her a standing ovation but you have already flat passed out on the dance floor.


3.The Girl Who Owns The JukeBox/DJ

She’s standing right next to the JukeBox or the DJ doling out one request after another while working her charm on him effortlessly. If you’re into her kind of music you might enjoy it, if not, then you’re in for one night of pure aural torture. Few drinks down and her taste slowly alter and some awkwardly shady and raunchy numbers follow. Maybe an item song to spice things up. Too many drinks and you see her falling on the DJ console and requesting him to play a disturbingly emotional song. You know she might break into tears, but she gathers herself and is back to some crazy dance numbers. Love it or hate it, you got to enjoy the ride.

4.The Drunken Freeloader

You may think of her as a fool who’s acting innocently dumb, but this one has few tricks up her sleeve. There are few women out there who are cordial enough to love a complimentary drink or two, and then there are others who love to tank up on all the free ale coming their way. If there was a flood of free drinks, they would gleefully drown in it. They don’t care who is offering them a drink, or what it holds. Their primary motive is to get drunk, and they strive to achieve that time and again.

5.The Cougar

In the haze of the fog machine and blinding lights, you spot this lost creature, or rather a deer caught in a car’s headlight. The ageing skin and hints of white hair are skilfully hidden behind layers upon layers of make-up. Add to that an oddly suffocating contraction that happens to be her attire for the night and you have the right person to look lost in a bar. She’s there to garner some attention, indulge in few drinks, and maybe have a good time, but the fact that she doesn’t seem to fit in tends to hit her square on her face time and again. We feel for her, we really do.

6.The Emotional One

This one’s an easy bird to spot. One drink down and she’s already called you her best friend, told you about the new puppy she got in her life and how her boyfriend is being nice and how the puppy died and she is dating a cheater to how her boss tries to hit on her to, wait, what? The conversation soon stops making sensing for all you can comprehend amidst the incontrollable sobbing and gibberish is absolutely nothing. The make-up is smothered all over the face and tears are pouring incessantly. Add some sheer bad luck and you might also be rewarded with some projectiles being spewed from her mouth. Good luck, you’ll need it.

7.The Girl On Too Many Drugs

Cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, and an assortment of others, this one might be high on one or many of those. He eyes reek of the drug-induced delirium she happens to find herself in. She’s on the dance floor throughout the night, dancing her shoes off and taking occasional roles to smoke a cigarette or chug a drunk. Her highly energetic dance moves overwhelm everyone on the dance floor while she is completely oblivious of her action. Her speech is indecipherable, and yet you won’t bother asking her again out of the sheer fear that she may pounce on you at any given point of time.


2 thoughts on “7 Types Of Women You Find At Bars

  1. Unfortunately, since I lived the night scene quite a lot, maybe too much. I can say I´ve met all of the above. And happened to me the one you mentioned she´s there drinking like there is no end,me trying to catch up and eventually talk, kiss here and there, and then I´m out on the stool. The drunken freeloader, yep, spend the dough on buying drinks so at the middle of my night out I realise I don´t have any money and how convenient she´s loosing interest in me. The druggy girl, yep, but you can manage her attention span to you If you yourself will invite her to some drugs and those will fall your way. The one who is too drunk, yep, got that one too. They are easy, I sound like a bastard but hey she´s not like she´s unconscious she might regret it later in the morning when she wakes up and realises that she has a dude next to her snoring and scratching his balls, but it´s not my fault.
    Had a laugh reading this.

  2. Yup truly argue , at a bar its all about the guts to approach a girl for a small talk and if you are lucky enough you might turn that into long, sexy and dirty night & that depend on experience and how much knowledge you have 😀

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