A special touch can make a difference

It seems all we need is an affectionate feel of our partner to be cheerful in life and take on the worldcp.jpg

As a British survey has shown how being busy, stressed and tired is starving Britons of their share of much-needed kisses and cuddles from the loved ones. In a survey of 2,000 people in relationships, two-thirds said they felt “starved” of physical affection even though they were in a happy relationship, Daily Mail reported.

Three out of five people in a relationship said they wish they could spend more time kissing and cuddling with their partner. Almost a third of couples, however, admitted they can go for days without touching each other.

Over 80 percent rated skin contact with their partner as important while more than half said touching and being touched made them feel closer to their loved one.

The survey also revealed women feeling their partner’s touch being actually the cheapest and most effective beauty booster.

During the poll, the people said just their partner’s touch could make 40 percent of women feel more attractive.

Susan Quilliam, a sex and relationship expert from Durex, who commissioned the survey, said: “All the research suggests that couples who reach out to each other physically feel more positive not only about themselves but also about each other.”

Many of the couples admitted that they thought regular sex was the cornerstone of a healthy relationship.

Eight out of 10 Britons rated a touch as the most important element in their relationship. Many couples said they kissed or cuddled once or twice a day.

Skin intimacy specialist Abigail James said relationships and people’s wellbeing will benefit from increased daily affection.

“There’s no doubt that touch is great for your skin. As a therapist you learn very early on the huge mental, health and beauty benefits positive touch can have.”

“Having sex releases a hormone called DHEA, which is thought to increase your production of collagen and sebum which help keep skin looking youthful by making it firmer, smoother and balancing oil production.”


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