5 Money Habits That Turn Her On

Money is a tricky business, and who knows better than we men! Especially when it comes to revealing money matters in front of a woman. Research shows that women are attracted to savers rather than spenders. Saving is related to conscientiousness and commitment, and stronger willpower. All good, but another study also shows that savers are considered less exciting than spenders. So where should we draw the line? Good news: excitement is not something women prioritize for long-term relationships. Show her the money, but show her how smart you are with the money, and you are sure to catch her eye.


Go On A Hiking Trip

Ideally to a waterfall or an overlook or some unexplored corner of the suburbs-and pack a picnic to share there. It will be a win-win situation: You are not being unimaginative on a fancy dinner at a fancy regular dine-in and at the same time you’re giving her a new experience.

Cook Dinner Together

Offer to cook one of her favourites (even if both of you don’t know how to cook it). This pushes you out of your comfort zone and creates fun memories for you guys to laugh at in future if the dish turns out to be a failed attempt.

Indulge In A Retro Date

Plan a theme night and pick out crazy outfits for each other. Then head out on the town in your new ensembles to raise a few eyebrows. By the time you get back, you will have numerous stories.

Dream Big…Together

Nothing woos a woman better than a man’s strong idea of what he wants. And if you can match your wants with hers, you will strike gold. Discuss the dream house, talk about that trip to Venice or owning a farmhouse full of dogs. It will convey that you are thinking long-term, and that always makes a man sexier.


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