Ten things to avoid while seducing a woman

Experts reveal ten things that men should avoid while hitting on women


Washington: If you want to win a women you need to avoid certain things.

Sex and dating coach Melanie Curtin – founder of vixen on the loose – has revealed ten things that men should avoid while hitting on women.

Men should avoid nagging – also known as negative comments – women, as they only work on women suffering from low self-esteem, which means that it is manipulative, underhanded, and sometimes really mean, the Huffington Post reported.

Men should also avoid telling the women, they are trying to seduce, about the money they make.

Curtin also revealed that men who insult themselves are a put-off for women.

They should also avoid touching the woman’s lower back, elbow or shoulders.

Men should not assume that a woman does not like whiskey or that she doesn’t know anything about cars because she is a girl.

Women don’t like men, who is hitting on them, make fun of their friends.

If men don’t own and feel their sexuality, women are not going to feel it either.

Men should not try very hard to be funny as women can feel that men are racking their brain for the next funny/clever thing to say, which mean that they are not paying attention to the lady.

Women don’t like men who are cocky as cocky men are obsessed with the outside because deep down they are terrified that they have nothing of worth on the inside.

And lastly every effort of men does not always pan out and women do say no but men should not take it personally and then take it out on me.



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