5 Things You Should Never Ask A Woman

Conventional wisdom tells us that we live in a society that encourages inquisitive minds and rewards those who want to delve deeper into subjects by asking questions.

So, asking questions is good. Very good, in fact! Unless you’re a man asking inappropriate questions to a woman, then there will be no rewards but just wrath from the fairer sex. And as they say – hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. Fret not, for we have got it all covered. Here’s a list of 5 questions that you must never ask a woman.

1) What was your previous boyfriend like?


This one can make women feel cornered. Previous boyfriends are actually private territory but have got nothing to do with the present relationship. When a woman is hesitant to discuss her previous relationships that doesn’t mean she is hiding something. It only means that she doesn’t want to discuss it. She’ll come around and discuss it at length eventually but, at in her own time. You must give her that space!

2) Are you pregnant?SF2

Women have the ability to read much more into a question than what is meant. So, while your question might be a result of plain curiosity, you’re actually at a risk of hurting her sentiments. Just to make things crystal clear- 1) A woman who is simply overweight may already be struggling with low self esteem issues, and to mistake her heaviness to pregnancy is like rubbing salt on her wounds. 2) She might actually be pregnant, but is not ready to tell anyone, yet. Either way, refrain yourself from asking this question.

3) Is it that time of the month?


This question is particularly bad if you are having an argument with her. Worse still – if you’re having an argument and it is actually that time of the month. No matter how much you think she is overreacting, do not ask if she’s on her period. It will make her feel like you doubt her intelligence, like she is reacting under a strong influence of hormones (which she just might be) or like something that matters to her is being taken lightly. She’ll flip out and how!

4) Never ask her to pay for dinner


If you invite her to dinner, don’t expect her to pay. If she offers to pay, that’s fine; it’s up to you to accept or not. But, if she doesn’t, don’t ask her to pay unless you want to come across as a stingy person. After all, you’ve called her for dinner. Be a gentleman and take care of these small little things. Prove that chivalry is not dead!

5) Never ask her to make date plans


There can be several outcomes for this situation. She won’t like it but will act cool until the evening is over – that’ll be the last you’ll see of her. She can also make you feel bad about it by taking you to a place where you’ll be highly uncomfortable. Or, she might just end up running in opposite direction. Either way, it’s your loss. Women expect men to have plans. So man up, use your creativity and plan a special date for her.

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