Top 5 Things that Turn Women Off

Are you still wondering why your ladylove is giving such a lukewarm response to all your efforts to woo her? Well, maybe you know all the tricks to charm her and you are doing everything that she likes, but do you know about the things that she dislikes? No, we are not talking about her likes and dislikes in food or gifts. We are talking about your personality traits. So, here are five things that most men do, which can easily turn women off. Take a look!


Self-fascination : 

To impress a woman it is important to be a good listener, rather than just a smooth talker. Handle situation with your heart and mind, rather than using your bulging bisceps. Make sure you spend more time talking to your girl than appreciating yourself in the mirror. Your fascination with yourself and your ready to burst-out ego is definitely not going to impress any ladies out there!

Talking about your ex:

Talking about your ex endlessly on a date is a strict no-no. Continuously bringing her up in your conversations may give an impression that you are still nursing old wounds and ‘ex’ love. This may also make her feel that she might just be a rebound girl for you. Remember, talking about your ex is as bad as staring at another girl while on a date.

Being scruffy: 

There are two types of scruffy looks– one in which you wear torn jeans, a suave blazer, tossed up hair and dark shades; and the other in which you sport an overgrown beard, wear dirty worn-out shoes and have unkempt hair. Well, pulling off the first one is easy, but the latter is a big turn off. Just like you are scrutinising girls from top to bottom, even women will be doing so! Taking care of your look and style is very important, if you are out to impress a lady. And while, we are at it, please do something about your body odour as well!


Guys, it is good to get enthusiastic while carrying on a conversation. But, keep your enthusiasm under check. Many women may get turned off by over-enthusiastic men who keep talking about their favourite sports team, gym-routine or drunken tales. Even though it is good to share your interests, but remember, it is not necessary that even she would be interested in the same. Therefore, do not go on talking about your interests unless it is very obvious that she seems interested and wants to know more.

Poor manners: 

Every man needs to be well-mannered, especially when he is with his girlfriend. Avoid using abusive language and manly-slangs when in company of a woman. Similarly, remember your table manners. Talking on phone while on a date is as big a mistake as chewing your food noisily!



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