The Clitoris And The G-spot

The clitoris and the G-spot are the two sources of erotic stimulation. Read on to find out how you can manipulate then to get your woman to orgasm.


We have the dick, the balls and that’s all. Hey that rhymed! But when it comes to women, by Jove, their vaginas are more complicated than a mile long labyrinth. Anyways, such dictums no longer hold true and modern day lovers are expected to have other tools in their arsenal than their overrated dicks. When you are about to pleasure your woman with your fingers and tongue, you can only do so if you know the anatomy of a vagina.

To make it absolutely simple there are two basic ways of getting a girl to orgasm:  By stimulating her clitoris orally and by stimulating her G-spot through penetration or fingering. These two different parts require their special type of attention and as a lover you should be dexterous enough to know when to switch gears and focus your attention on a different part. But first you need to know what these two parts are:


Clitoris is the female equivalent of the head of the male penis. It’s an area devoted solely to physical pleasure and is packed with millions of nerve ending making it super sensitive. It is basically located just above the opening of the vagina outside the female body.  It protrudes ever so slightly and if you are able to arouse your woman it will become all the more pronounced and visible.

What to do?

Though there are several theories on the best ways of getting a girl to orgasm with clitoral stimulation, there are a few basic ground rules that ought to be followed while approaching her regions:

Keep your movements light. Whether you are tonguing or fingering don’t be too direct and attack the region with gusto.
Remember as the region is very sensitive, she will enjoy your attention a lot more if you start off slow. If she is ready for additional pressure she will let you know.
Don’t focus completely on the clitoris and spread your attention to the surrounding areas as well. The nerve endings move outwards from the clitoris making the surrounding area sexually sensitive to your touch.
Keep you strokes rhythmic and increase the speed and intensity as you go along. Don’t be abrupt or inconsistent with the speed or the rhythm.

There are basically three ways of getting a woman to orgasm with clitoral stimulation:

Oral stimulation: Using your tongue can prove to be very effective as it greatly adds to the moisture and warmth. The moist, smooth texture of the tongue will be just loved by her vagina.
Manual stimulation: using your fingers with deftness you can get your girl to orgasm. Lightly rub her clitoral region to get her wet.
Intercourse: While in the missionary position if you position yourself carefully, your pubic bone will hit her in just the right spot.


The G-spot can be described as a tiny bundle of nerve endings located on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra that would swell during sexual stimulation.


Unlike the clitoris, which actually protrudes from the tissues surrounding it, the G- spot lies buried deep within the vaginal walls. The exact size and location of the G–spot may wary and can be hard to locate in its un-stimulated state.

How to locate?

Because of its positioning, it’s almost impossible to expect your lady love to lend you a helping hand to locate it. So you are all by yourself when it comes to locating the G-spot.

Your fingers are more flexible and dexterous than your penis, slowly start off by fingering her vagina and lightly crook it upwards in the ‘come here’ motion pointing towards her belly button region. Then lightly probe the upper walls. You are searching for a small spot that’s denser than the rest of the surrounding area. You will have to experiment with the length and pressure of your strokes. Don’t worry your babe will let you know the second you locate it. The look of intense surprise and pleasure on her face will be a clear enough indication that you have unlocked the door to heavenly bliss.

Depending on the exact location and size of the G-spot you may or may not be able to hit it during penetration. One of the best ways of getting your penis to hit the G-spot is to try the doggie position, with your girl resting on all fours. Its just gives you a better angle and deeper penetration.

Now that you are aware of the basic directions, feel confident and you will manage to make your girl cum. The idea is to keep it light and have fun. Don’t turn it into a search for the elusive Holy Grail.


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