7 Ways of Expressing your Love to Your Girlfriend

In love but don’t know how to tell her? This is one dilemma that most men (and women) face. Most of the times we miss out on the opportunity to tell a person how much we love them because we simply don’t know how to go about it. But worry no more. We have put together a list of the ways in which you can express your love to your girlfriend. So read on and chose the way that suits you best.


1. Music

Music is a universal language. There exists a song/melody/tune for every emotion ever felt by anyone. Love being a very important feeling has thousands and hundreds of songs written to its tune. Pick one that does justice to your feelings for her and make her listen to it. Use music as a medium to tell her how much you love her.

2. Write an original poem/song

You don’t have to be Gulzar or Paul McCartney to write a love song. No matter your writing skills, make the effort of writing a love poem for her and dedicate it to her. The gesture is sure to sweep her off her feet.

3. Rent a romantic movie to watch together

Films like ‘DDLJ’, ‘Pardes’, ‘Casablanca’, ‘Gone with the Wind’ are all romantic classics. Pick one that you both will enjoy and plan a romantic movie date. Cuddle together and enjoy the romance on the TV and relive yours. Perfect!

4. Take time to know more about what interests her

Thoughtfulness is an amazing virtue to possess. Take time out and learn more about what interests her. Show that you care by caring about what she loves. Your efforts will be truly appreciated and she will fall for you all over again!

5. Tell her you love her

If you love her, tell her. Don’t shy away from expressing yourself. There is no limit to the number of times you can say ‘I love you’. So every time you feel like saying it, just say it.

6. Put your arm around her in a crowded place

The small gestures go a long way in expressing your love for her. When you find yourself in a crowd, put your arm around her as gesture of love and protection. She will like your thoughtfulness and feel comforted by your actions.

7. Do things for her you’d never do otherwise

If there are things that you’d never do for anyone in your life, we suggest you do them just for her to express your love for her. This could be singing

karaoke for her, or going trekking with her because she enjoys it. The fact that you did something out of your comfort zone for her will please her to say the least. It is also a great way to express your love for her. We hope you put into practise, if not all, then some of these ways. Express your love for her before it’s too late. You don’t want to miss out on your chance.





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