Make A Girl Fall For You Instantly, It’s Easy

Pop goes the weasel.

You see a hot chick. Pop. Unlike other hotties, she does look at you and she does smile.

Pop. You exchange numbers and voila, there you have your first date. POP.

You might not have fallen in love yet, but if she starts ignoring you at this point, that will surely send you to despair. So before that happens (rather to make sure that never happens), make her ‘fall’ for you. And as the cliché goes- love at first sight saves time. So if it isn’t that, make sure it’s love at the first few sights. How do you do that? Sit your fanny down and listen:


Read Her

Some girls are floored by a gentleman, some have a thing for the bad boys, and then there is the third kind – girls who are bewitched by what they call ‘A Man’. They just don’t want a ‘type’. For you to be that man, be charming, be chivalrous. And that is not just limited to opening the door for her and offering a chair to her. You have to be assertive (read ‘not dominant’ over her). You have to be present.

Hasi toh Phasi

That’s the line immortalized by the eternal machoman of Bollywood, Dharmendra. And boy, does it work! The more she laughs in your company, the more she wants to be in your company. Now sense of humour doesn’t come to everyone naturally, but pulling a joke on yourself is not that hard anyways. Be quirky and learn to laugh at yourself. The rest shall follow.

Romance Her

Now romance and you may or may not be at the same wavelength, but the word sure means a lot to your girl. Court her, break the monotonies, bring the colour red alive, keep surprising her and come to a realization that chocolates are much more than munchies!

Desperation Never Works

Yes, read her, make her laugh, romance her without any restraint, but don’t force yourself on her. Alright, we are talking about how to make her fall for you instantly, but it doesn’t have to be like Bang, and she is in love with you! Don’t bully her into a relationship with you. Give her some space.

The article would have concluded by advising you to be a prince charming for your girl, but that would be way too antique and mushy. For now, all you need is to be man that makes her wolf-whistle!


2 thoughts on “Make A Girl Fall For You Instantly, It’s Easy

  1. Reblogged this on singlemaninbrooklyn and commented:
    I agree with the desperation part. Nothing turns a girl off like a desperate man. It’s like she might be totally into you…and then the moment that you show you’re totally into her, it. goes. dead. cold.
    I suspect this might have to do with feminine competition. It’s a funny thing, this thing that women have. They seem to constantly be wanting things that other women want. Some have somehow broken free of this cycle, but others…they just want to know that you’re wanted. By other women.
    Once you show that you’re into her and her alone, her mind goes, “OMG! Something must be wrong with him!” and off she goes.
    Guys, be warned. Either target only women with really high self esteem who know exactly what she wants OR just play hard to get. Women have been doing it for centuries. It’s our turn now.

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