If you’re still having sex in your car either you dont have a place of your own or you are in an urgency to ‘do-it.’ Either way, there is nothing quite as exciting and spontaneous as lubing your gear shift on four wheels.

New to backseat erotica? Keep these tips in mind if you plan to cosy up in your car?


Car Sex Positions

Of course, assuming your car is bigger than a Maruti 800 or its slightly larger hatchback cousins, there are a number of exciting positions you can enjoy in the comfort of your car.

Dashboard Confession. Tilt the passenger seat and lie straight on your back. Make her sit on top of you, with her back facing you and her hands on the alter… uh I mean dashboard. She will use her hands to push and grind religiously on your lap while you can place your hands on her hips or waist and help her with her efforts. The downside to this position is that has the highest “busted” factor of any position. Because you are both facing the same way you cant see other, like cops, or curious residents who may come up from behind and surprise you.

Backseat Driver. The backseat is the ultimate place to be the Road Warrior. One of the most common and my personal favorite positions is backseat woman-on-top. Sit at the center of the backseat while she sits on top of you facing the rear window, holding the back seat for support. While she does all the work humping up and down, you can sit back and enjoy the sensation. It’s also the safest position as you’ve got a set of eyes on either side.

Backseat Missionary. One of the most obvious positions to get into while doing it in a car is the backseat missionary. You basically get on top of your woman and hump her to glory in the missionary position. However doing it in the backseat will make it difficult for you beat a hasty retreat if and when the need arises.

Heading down town. You don’t even need to stop the car for this. Just keep driving, pull down the zipper and make your girl play with your pecker. But don’t get so lost in the sensations, that you lose control of the car and end up having an accident. This is only for extreme, out-of-control moments, we really don’t recommend this. The last thing you want is an accident with your pecker hanging loose.

The Grand Prix. This position is for one of those very kinky moments and when the fear of getting caught is low. It incorporates the Backseat Driver and “cranks it up a notch”. In the backseat you push the seats as forward as they will go and even lean them forward toward the dashboard. You will get behind her as she leaves one leg cocked up on the bench seat and one leg is on the floor. You will put yourself in the same position, leaning forward and keeping low in the back as you “bring up the rear”.

Car Sex Locations

If you don’t already have a place in mind it would be a good idea to do some preliminary research. Ask your friends about that special place where they got lucky on four wheels without getting hauled up by a cop tapping at their window pane. However mentioned below are some of the most common places to engage in some safe car sex:

Authorized Parking Lots. If you are both up to the challenge, parking lots can serve as an excellent venue to heat up your engines. However, it always pays to become friends with the guys in charge of the parking lot. A fifty rupee note will ensure that no curious soul comes prying around if your car starts to sway a bit.

Random Streets. Indian cities are blessed with several narrow, over-parked back alleys, ‘gali’, where cops seldom frequent. Its best to do your homework first, so drive around the city and check out back alleys, rating them on their “seclusion” factor. Park your car in a promising alley and count the number of people that frequent it after a certain time of the night. Late at nights the most you’ll have to worry about is local security guard.

Car Sex Essentials – The 4 ‘C’s

Cash. Your cards won’t be of much help if you have to shove cash up a cop’s ass to keep him happy. So keep a few crisp hundred rupee bills in your wallet, if you want to engage in safe car sex.

Clothing. Both of you should be wearing clothes that can be got out off and quickly put back on. Make sure that your jeans aren’t too tight and she is wearing a skirt. This will make it easier for you to bone her without having to make her take anything off.

Condom. Will not only limit the amount of mess you would otherwise have made, but it will also protect you and your partner from unwanted pregnancies and the dreaded STDs.

Cleanness. No woman would feel comfortable having sex in a messy, smelly car. It’s just a mood killer. So make sure that you give the car a good wash and remove the old gum stuck on the carpeting, before you decide to turn it into a temporary love sack. Use car deodrants to get the smell right. Also ensure you have water and tissues handy as it could get very sticky and messy.


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