Different Types of Girlfriends

There as many types ofgirlfriends as there are types of boyfriends.

Fortunately for you, we are not going to break them down according to their sun signs! We shall however, tell you more about the various kinds of girlfriends you are expected to come across in your dating life. Their nuances, their positives, their obvious negatives and why they could be just the one’s for you. So read on, and you might just discover your type in this list.

1. Individualistic & Indian


The ‘I&I’ girlfriend is the one who has brains which she uses and who is culturally rooted. She wants her space, has a strong independent identity, cultivates opinions and cannot be pushed around. At the same time, she knows her boundaries; she accepts the good as well the bad that comes with living in a male-dominated Indian society and has her head on her shoulders. She will be a sane partner; one who will respect your individuality as she treasures her own.

2. Domestic & Docile

She is the girlfriend who will always put her boyfriend ahead of her. She has opinions and a mind that she can use, but she chooses to stir the way her partner wishes her too. She is certainly not dumb, but she chooses to believe or has been raised in a manner which suggests that the man is alpha, omega and everything in between. This does not mean she will not put you in your place should you go overboard, but you can expect her to support you no matter what in whatever you chose to do or believe.

3. Demanding & Dominating

If this type is your girlfriend, then you can forget almost all other aspects of your life. She will demand that she be the centre of your universe and she will be dominating enough to make sure she gets what she demands. If your personality is not strong headed enough, she might over-ride you and your choices/decisions.

4. Possessive & Paranoid

Yes, that’s the type we are talking about. She is loving and caring and sweet. But then she also is possessive and compulsively cross-checks. You will find yourself answering the ‘where you are’ and ‘what you are doing’ questions 10 times a day, and still might have to face a barrage of questions after you’ve done all answering.

5 Money & More Money

This type is as old as humanity itself. She is with you for the money. She wants you to spend every time you’ll go out and won’t do with anything cheap. In case you run out of money, you can be sure she won’t be by your side anymore. She is not the one if you’re looking for love; a fling is what will work best.

These are just our versions of the various types of girlfriends that can be. Obviously, there is more to each girlfriend that what we’ve stated above. We certainly mean no harm or disrespect to women.


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