6 Signs She Wants Marriage


1. Meddling Too Much

Does your girlfriend interfere too much in your daily life? Does she want to know everything such as where you are, what you’re doing and how you plan to do those things? If yes, then read this as a sign. These are not signs of an over-possessive girlfriend but a woman seeking something more long-term!

2. All-Sweetness with your Parents

Casual dating leaves parents, siblings or any member of the family out of the picture. However, if she shows keenness to meet your parents, or makes efforts to like and adhere to their tastes, it is a clear signal that she is trying to get into their good books.


3. Baby Talk

This can happen only if she looks at you as a prospective husband. Talking about children, discussing their future (and of course, yours) and other such baby talk clearly implies she has you set as her better half for life.

4. Money Matters

Discussing finances, especially savings, investments and future plans together, is a sure-shot sign of her wanting to be your partner for the rest of your lives. If you read the sign early, and do not see her as your future wife, let her know, very diplomatically, of course, what YOUR financial plans for the future are!

5. Planning Your Day, Clothes and Life

Once again, overriding the phenomenon of an over-possessive girlfriend is that of the wannabe wife. She loves to plan your day for you, decide the outfit you should wear to work or to that evening out, and take care of other minor and major affairs of your daily life.

6. Future Talk

Anything and everything related to the future – together – is a clear indicator that she wants marriage. Planning the house you should buy, the city you should live in, the lifestyle you should be leading about ten years down the line – these all signify her desire to be with you for the rest of her life. Reading these signs could imply one of two things for you. One is that you have found the love of your life and these signs give you that surety. The other could mean that this is the woman you just cannot stand, and who thinks you love her, wherein you should make an exit as soon as possible!


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