Roughing It Out – Rough Sex

Most girly magazines, carry articles which preach how a girl likes to be romanced with candlelight dinners and once she give gives her consent you can take them to bed and gently (very gently!).

While staring lovingly into her eyes with a devoted expression on your face and doing your best to ensure that she orgasms first. While that’s one way of having sex, the peaches-and-cream technique can and does get a bit boring after a while. In order to make your bedroom escapades more exciting and passionate why not introduce a bit of rough sex.


Introducing Rough Sex

In conservative Indian culture, approaching the subject of rough sex can be a little tricky. Whether it’s your wife or long time girlfriend, you have first to be sure she is comfortable with the idea of rough sex. While discussing it with her is by far the most sensible ways of going about it, it will kill or reduce the spontaneity of the act. To see if she actually feels aroused by a little violence, start off by lightly pulling her hair while passionately kissing her. If she moans and believe me she will, you will get to know whether it’s out of pleasure or pain.

If it’s the former you have the green signal. For the most part of it rough sex is really not painful. There are several relatively painless sex techniques that you can try out before moving on to the more physically demanding techniques.

Painless Techniques:

Spanking: Believe it or not, light spanking can turn most women into tigress. So get her to lean on all fours, and start by gently petting and rubbing her butt. The first slap that you land should be followed immediately by more petting. Then gradually build up the intensity of and speed of the slaps. Keep slapping her at a rhythmic pace – and watch her moan with ecstasy.

Biting: If you do it right, biting can provide a lot of erotic pleasure to your woman. You should start off by kissing her slowly and then start nibbling on different parts of her body. Try to nibble her all the way down. Start gently with her ear lobes, nuzzle her neck, focus your attention on her breasts and don’t shy away from giving her a light nip on her nipples, then move south. As you slowly make your way towards her vagina, she will be shivering with pleasure. Position yourself between her legs, but refuse to pleasure her with your tongue. Instead nibble on the inner regions on her thighs. If she doesn’t literally shove your head into her, by now she should be dripping with lust, or else you aren’t just doing it right.

Hair pulling: This deserves a practical example. Get your girl to tie her hair in a ponytail and get her into the doggie style position. When you penetrate her, take her ponytail and pull it while you shove hard with your dick. As a variation to the doggy style is to make her get on top and ask her to leave her hair lose. Then when you pull at her hair she will be forced to lean back, resulting in awesome penetration.
Pin her by her wrists: While having sex, when she tries explore your body with her hands – Don’t let her. It’s a simple but a very dominating move. Pin her by her wrists, keeping them above her head against a wall. Just use one hand while using the other to ravage her below, kissing her intensely all the while.

Different Levels

Go Anal: While this may not qualify as rough sex per se in the western world but it’s certainly does in the Indian scenario. Though it would take a whole new article to tell you how to properly go about it, but you should always use a lot of lubricant, such as Vaseline, to get her all soft and relaxed. When you penetrate make your first few strokes slow and don’t go too deep but then increase the speed and probe deeper as her ass gets used to your meat.

Rape fantasy: Its fantasy and rough sex rolled into one. Just pretend to rape her. Don’t hit or anything till she actually wants it. But to make it absolutely realistic you can try wearing a mask and carry a butter knife in hand. If your girl enjoys it, then you can spank her, bite her, dominate her, etc, to your heart’s content. Then complete the ride with by doing her doggie.

Handcuffs: While its exciting enough to pin her hands, but you can take the concept of bondage to a whole new level by handcuffing her to the bedpost. You actually don’t even need handcuffs. Just tie her wrists and legs with something soft like a chunni, and you can have your way with her and violate her to your hearts content.

Choking: You need to be very careful while choking for obvious reasons. Choking, because it reduces the amount of oxygen entering the brain can result in a mild hallucinogenic state. Although it can be dangerous, you can just hold her neck without applying any pressure. This would give you the feeling of domination and infuse the desired excitement without making it dangerous.

Though there are several other creative ways of roughing it in bed with her, but you can start off with these and invent some of your own, as the of you get used to the idea of adding a little rough stuff to the act.

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