Gentlemen, how many times you’ve found yourself with the right girl,wrapped in one another’s arms to create the right moment but have been lost for words? Well, you can avoid yourself the embarrassment by reading up these tips on the Most Romantic Things to Say to YOUR Girl.


5. You’re smile can brighten up the most dullest of days

Being Romantic in other words means showering her with compliments. Praising her hairstyle, getting mesmerized by her eyes and being bamboozled by her smile. When you want to lighten up her mood simply gush about her beauty and she’ll wrap you in her arms sooner than you could wish for a hug.


4. You look pretty without any make-up, just the way you are

Every woman is beautiful in her way. And she loves nothing more than being told so; especially by her man. When you see her next, admire her face, look deep into her eyes and say with all your heart how beautiful you think she is.

3. I love what I become when I am with you

Very few things can brighten a girl up as much as her knowing that she has a positive and great impact on your life and your being. Let her in on how she is an indispensable part of your life and that you are the best you will ever be thanks to her.


2. You complete me

Tom Cruise had all the women in the world go ‘aawww’ when he said these words to a demure Renee Zellweger. Though clichéd, ‘You complete me’ is the most wholesome and lovable thing you can tell your woman. It will melt her anger away in a jiffy and forgiveness shall be dispensed without further ado.


1. You are my companion, confidante, love and life

Simple, yet honest is always effective. Telling her that she is everything and anything you could ever ask for is the most wonderful way to get her to believe in your love for her.



  1. And after Tom said that Renne went ” You had me at hello.” One of my ex girlfriends made me watch that movie 100 times, and can´t say I could have said “you complete me”.

    Nice tips. I´ll have them in the back of my mind when and if there is a next time that comes around.

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