Signs A Girl Likes You

Once you’ve figured out that she is, in fact, interested, what’s next? Watch the video above to know what women want after they’ve made it clear they’re interested.


We all know the stretch-and-put-your-arm-around-her-shoulder move. Most of us have probably used it. But did you know girls have signature moves of their own? And did you know that more often than not you probably miss their signals — the ones that tell you they want to get down to business — because you thought they were actually picking that piece of lint off your hoodie instead of intentionally touching you?

No.10 The Head Rest

For me, it’s the casual head rest, which is particularly effective at the cinema. Start off by snatching up the middle arm rest between the two of you. As the film goes on, shimmy down in your seat (or don’t, I’m quite tall) and then casually lean your head on his shoulder. This usually prompts a “stretch to put your arm around her” from him.

No.9 The Eyelash Bat

If we’re sitting on the couch, I’ll probably rest my legs on your lap. I’ll briefly grab your arm when we’re talking to exaggerate whatever it is I’m saying. Biting my lip is also usual while I am looking up at you and down to the floor, and then up again. Kind of like batting my eye lashes, just in a less obvious and more natural manner.

No.8 The Thigh-And-Hand

Hand on thigh.

No.7 The Getting Comfy

Cuddling: “Oh, I’m just getting comfortable” translates to strategically rubbing all up on you.

No.6 The Something-In-My-Eye

I had a chick once pull the most amazing move on me. We were dancing with some friends and she starts rubbing her eye for a few seconds, she takes me aside and says “I think I have something in my eye, can you see anything?” She then stands really close to me and I look into her eye, faces inches from each other. At that distance and that position it was almost natural to kiss. I had a girlfriend so didn’t do it, but there was this moment where I was like “nope can’t see any…” pause… think about kissing her… realize what just happened “…Holy shit that was the smoothest move I have ever seen.”

We had a laugh about it, she wouldn’t tell me if it had worked for her before but I’m guessing it had.

No.5 The Boob Bounce

Using my boobs! If I’m close to my guy I will nonchalantly brush my boobs against his arm or make sure I push my chest out just a little more than usual when giving him a hug. Also, I’m normally more “bouncy” when doing things, so they catch his eye. These tricks always lead to fun stuff.

No.4 The Hand Brush

My hand will always brush against yours when I want you to hold my hand. I’ll do it a fair few times in the hopes you realize I’m not an idiot with hands that just dangle but more of an indication that I want you to hold my hand.

No.3 The Tickle Trick

Find a way to work being ticklish into a conversation. Men typically will fall for it and begin tickling and that’s when I giggle and press myself against them in my “struggle” to get away. It has never failed.

No.2 The Yawn And Lean

Ah, that must be the “yawn and lean.” You’re sitting beside one another, and the girl leans her head on the guys shoulder or chest as if she’s tired. Snuggle guarantee!

No.1 The Lean and Touch

For me, it’s the lean and touch. You laugh at something he says, lean forward a bit while laughing and touch him. Usually on the inside of his forearm or thigh. Just for a few seconds. Then I lean back a bit and flash him a big smile.

When executed correctly, this move has a very high success rate.

Next time this happens, smile at her and tell her something you like about her. You know… good sense of humor, you like her dress. Something. If she continues to be friendly and continues to be touchy, she’s into you.


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