Bossy Women


Wearing the pants in your relationship could have a lot to do with how frequently you get into your partner’s.

A recent study done by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health showed that in relationships where women make most of the decisions at home, there’s less sex.

The research evaluated relationships over six countries, and the measurement was based on whether the woman or the man had the final say on household decisions, or whether decisions were made jointly.

We have a few guesses as to why the results came out the way they did. For starters, “bossy” women can be the opposite of attractive, and men might opt for free porn on the net instead of climbing in bed with a nag like Peggy Bundy. Also, women have a thing for dominant men, and in these relationships, the man isn’t leading in any aspect, including sex, so there’s a lot less of it.

Studies like this highlight yet again why men need to take the lead, or else they’ll just add to the count of sad stories of married men who have sex at monthly or yearly intervals.


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