Quick sex session

Cut to the chase with our guide to seducing your woman when you’re in a hurry


Don’t be afraid to ask

Women are faster than you might think: according to the groundbreaking Kinsey studies of the 1960s – of almost 6,000 women – it takes her an average of two to three minutes to come while masturbating. “A quickie can be extremely satisfying for both parties,” says Emily Dubberley, author of Brief Encounters. “Pick a time when you are in a rush – such as going off to work – and tell her you want her right now. It’s passionate and sexy.”


Get her in the neck

For instant arousal, you can’t beat her super-sensitive neck. And the quicker she gets aroused, the quicker your quickie. Run a finger up and down the crease – where the back of her ear meets the skull – and then use your mouth. “Breathe on it, then bite it, then kiss it – it drives 1,000 volts through her spine,” says William Crane, author of The Art of Kissing.


Get on her cycle

For a fail-proof quickie approach, catch your girlfriend when she’s feeling really horny. She’s going to be at her most fertile 12-14 days – and therefore up for it – after the first day of her period. If you don’t know – and you don’t like to ask – she’s likely to be in that fertile stage when the moon is new. A study undertaken at Wayne State University in the US found women are more likely to menstruate at or around full moon. Before you rush out and buy a lunar calendar, however, be aware that taking the Pill means there is no fertile time and so the moon has no effect on her libido.


Be prepared

With the right equipment, you can have quickie sex anywhere. Get yourself a Talkeetna jacket (£110 from The North Face), which is made with patented two-layer Hyvent waterproof fabric meaning you can throw it down on even the wettest, coldest of floors to protect your good lady’s sensitive skin. Not to mention her Marc Jacobs skirt.


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