Men Still Rule In Making the First Move


Some critics question going overboard with gender equality, worrying that it might turn us into a gender-neutral society. As it turns out, there are still specific roles and behaviors men and women continue to gravitate toward.

According to a new survey, men still have the upper hand in making the first move. Only 10.8 percent of women admit to having asked a man out, according to the poll.

With the increasing popularity of online dating, that number might seem pretty low. But traditional dating behaviors might be more fixed in our DNA than we think.

Psychology Today contributor, Michael Mills, conducted a study of the dating preferences of 87 undergraduates at Loyola Marymount University. Based on his findings, Mills explains the evolutionary gender psychology behind men asking women out:

“Females have absolute assurance of parentage, but because males have paternal insecurity, they are unconsciously looking for a female who will be faithful to them.”

Herein lies the problem:

“If females asked males out, men would assume that they do this all the time with other guys.”

So are we really that powerless? Is there no hope? Are us women forever doomed to be viewed as unfaithful, and therefore inherently undesirable, if we’re brazen enough to say, “Hey, baby. How you doin’?”

Not necessarily. Because there’s always nonverbal prospective signaling – the scientific term for flirting. According to Mills, two-thirds of relationships are initiated by women through flirting. So bat those eyelashes, ladies.

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