Decode her abode

Is your latest conquest Miss Right or Miss Wrong? Use Sherlock Holmes’ powers of deduction to read the clues in her living space and reveal if you should stay, or get out fast
 mh-datingno2-11022011It may have taken three dates and a cab fare to get there, but before making yourself at home, have a good look around her place. A simple scan now could save you considerable pain – financially and emotionally – later. Use the ‘cold reading’ techniques of Sherlock Holmes to identify what you’re dealing with. At the very least, you can spot your best escape route.

Lock away now

Unless she lives on the set of Shameless she shouldn’t have bolts on any doors other than her bathroom, says former FBI agent Joe Navarro. If she does, she could be an emotional timebomb. “The presence of locks shows she’s been hurt and displays clear emotional fragility.”
Deduction Miss Wrong

Happy reflections

Don’t just check your hair in it – the location of her mirrors will reflect her personality, says psychologist Ingrid Collins. “If they are positioned to reflect a clear, attractive space, they’re reflecting her own positive outlook and energy. If they reflect clutter they double that negativity, and suggest someone who wallows in remorse and self doubt.”
Deduction Miss Right

Glass half full

Her drained wine glass could lead to more bottoms-up in the bedroom. A study of 800 women by the University of Florence found that women who drank one or two glasses of red wine per day had more fulfilling sex lives, higher arousal levels and more satisfying orgasms.
Deduction Miss Right

Open to offers

Open doors, curtains or windows are a good sign, says Navarro. “Someone who chooses to have doors or windows open is more open to suggestion. Closed exits create a womb-like environment, initiated by somebody who wants to hide, and avoid change.” Leave by the door.
Deduction Miss Right

Tidy little

“Tidy people are surrounded by positive energy, as it can physically flow through a room more easily,” says Collins. “Women who are wallowing in clutter – old books, newspapers and magazines – are physically clutching the past close to them, stifling their ability to interact with the new.”
Deduction Miss Right

If walls could talk

A series of bare walls is a sign of someone who has weak links to family and doesn’t nurture bonds or relationships, says non-verbal communication specialist David Givens. “Seeing no framed photographs or artwork in a living room is a warning to leave. Even cavemen daubed paintings on their walls to make them homely.”
Deduction Miss Wrong

No pillow talk

One or two cushions on the sofa are fine – anymore and you should back off. “Discount any spontaneous seduction if she has piles of designer cushions and nicely ironed throws,” says author Judi James. “This shows her suppressed repulsion of sex: they create a barrier to closeness and therefore seduction, as they take time to disperse.”
Deduction Miss Wrong

Mark her cards

Look at any postcards or birthday cards adorning mantelpieces, says psychologist Professor Sam Gosling. Greetings cards on show past their arrival date – particularly those with gushing messages – are pep talks. “Someone who is neurotic or anxious will use them to self-medicate,” warns Gosling. Get out post-haste.
Deduction Miss Wrong

Shoe yourself the door

If you spot shoes all over the place, steer your own straight back out, says James. “Shoes are what high-maintenance women turn to when they feel low. Too many shoes on display as trophies suggest she’s shallow, has self-esteem issues or is unstable.” Either that or she walks a lot.
Deduction Miss Wrong




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