6 Workout Motivation Tips from Top Trainers


Fitness professionals are a lot like you—they work long hours, have families, travel on business, and, believe it or not, they sometimes struggle with workout motivation. Here, a few tricks top trainers use to find time for fitness.

1. Change your mindset
“My training is more mental than physical, so I don’t view the actual physical activity as the difficult part. To me, what happens in the hours both before and after the workout is usually much tougher than any resistance training, CrossFit WOD, or HIIT routine. When I can absorb all of my life stresses (such as family issues, never ending bills, and career problems) and turn that negative energy into positive energy, I feel like I can take on the world. The trick is to let your life issues give you the energy to overcome any obstacle.” —Elliot Rivera, personal trainer, fitness entrepreneur, creator of #OccupyGymand owner of HealtHaven.com

2. Put exercise in your calendar
“Truth be told, most days I find it tough to work out. Between running three companies, working as the director of exercise programming for another, and being a mom to a very active 3-1/2-year-old, exercise is only done if it’s scheduled—and that’s my secret. Before the start of my week, I review what’s expected and start setting aside time. I try to schedule something every day that is humanly possible, knowing there will be at least one day it doesn’t happen, which is okay. My other secret is being realistic, as working out is good only if it makes me feel good and not guilty.” —Shannon Fable, Owner of GroupEx Pro, Balletone, Sunshine Fitness Resources & the Director Exercise Programming for Anytime Fitness Corporate

3. Focus on the task at hand
“I do most of my workouts in the morning and sometimes, at 5:30 A.M., it feels pretty daunting to really challenge myself or to push a little bit harder. I always remind myself that I’m up early for a reason—to work out. I try to turn off the part of my brain that says, ‘this is hard!’ and instead just focus on the task at hand. The funny thing is that when it’s over, I feel far better when I really give it my all rather than just phoning it in.” —Jennipher Walters, ACE-certified personal trainer and co-founder of FitBottomedGirls.com 

4. Recruit a friend
“On the days I find myself lacking energy to exercise, I ask around the office to see if anyone wants to work out. More often than not there is someone who feels the same way. A partner or a small group goes a long way when it comes to helping inspire a good workout.” —Dan McDonogh, Senior Manager Group Training & Development for TRX

5. Travel with a plan
“When I’m jet-lagged from traveling across time zones and am gearing up for a full day of teaching, I try to take a mindful walk outdoors using a special playlist I have created just for such purposes.” Lawrence Biscontini, MA, mindful movement specialist and ACE senior group fitness consultant

6. Get creative
“I remind myself that it’s easy to fit fitness in no matter how busy you are—you just have to be creative. If I’m at the gym teaching and have a little time between clients, I’ll do some Pilates moves or jump on a piece of cardio equipment real quick. At the very least I’ll get a plank pose in and some downdogs on the days I’m super slammed!” —Kristin McGee, celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor


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