How to woo your date

Are you getting ready to go out on a date or still wondering how to have a dream date? Dating is all about living and enjoying the time together with your date. Relax folks, dating is not as difficult as giving board exams. You don’t have to put in extra efforts; just follow simple etiquettes and make your day,, a memorable one.5932F7FB9AFC68D9EB43F1148C5F4


Be on time

Turning up late on your date is a complete no-no. Your date has spent a lot of time and effort into planning a date. So, respect the time your date has fixed. Showing up late could turn-off your date mood. Get yourself ready and reach the destination in time.

Your appearance

It is said that first impressions is always the last impression. Make sure you present your best self to your date. Take your time and choose the clothes that suit you. Do your makeup nicely but do not overdo things as you may end up looking more like a weirdo than attractive. Guys, don’t look messy, else your date will feel that you’re not interested.

Your body language

Your body language matters a lot as it reflects your personality. When on a date, having proper body language can make a huge impression on your date. Make eye contact when you greet your date. If you add a smile to it, then you are definitely heading towards the right direction. Your date shouldn’t get the notion that you are nervous.

Please compliment

Make sure you compliment your date when they arrive. Compliment them on something that is not so obvious. Don’t fake it; give a sincere and honest one. If you could not think of any, then you can compliment about their eyes, beauty and dress. This will leave a huge impression about you on your date and will set the tempo for conversation.



Talk baby talk

While on a date, don’t go mute and neither be too talkative. If your date is a little shy, you can start the conversation. Try to find out something interesting about your date. But, make sure you don’t make your date yawn. The idea is – both of you should enjoy the moment and have fun.

All attention to your date

It’s always better to start on the right foot. When on a date, just be on the date. In other words, pay full attention to your date. Avoid using your mobiles or any other gadget.

No personal details

If you are going on a first date, make sure you don’t share your personal details. Seriously, don’t! It would be advisable if you keep your secrets to yourself. These things should never be let out on a first date. Try to know about each other, but it need not necessarily be about one’s personal details.

Hate the way you lie

Never speak lies to your date. If not on that particular day, but sometimes in future, when your date gets to know, it can create a big problem and you may end up even losing her. Be honest and true to yourself, it is always better to speak the truth and get the right partner who appreciates you for what you are. Do not try to impress your date by lies and don’t show off.


2 thoughts on “How to woo your date

  1. I am really glad you included body language in this blog. Non-verbal communication is just as important, if not more important than verbal messages. Especially if you are male trying to impress a female.

    • @ bodylanguagenoob : Yes this the most important thing while dating and other aspects of life , this show how positive you are while approaching people and all the task in life .

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