Happily ever after…or is it?



Couples in love see roses everywhere. You will see lovers thinking marriage is going to be like a duet song. But, sad as it may be, it’s true that there are thorns and not everyone’s a good singer! If you have just gotten married recently, or are about to take the plunge, there is just one thing to keep in mind: expect the unexpected. Marriage can be great or it can be a pain—it all depends on how you look at it.

No matter how much your married pals, the aunties and old cronies may have croaked about life post marriage, there are things you may still be unaware of. Read these general pointers and be prepared.

For her

Revelation 1

Don’t expect your husband to treat your parents like they are his family. Do this and you will be one happy woman. It’s a fact—difficult to accept, but it is true. While your parents are your parents, his parents are your family. Of course, there may be exceptions. But to most newly married women, this comes as an unhappy revelation.

Revelation 2

While you may have never bothered about what your man watched on TV before marriage, post marriage, this can become a bone of contention. Unfortunately, there is simply no way out of it! The best solution would be to reach an understanding—if your man is stuck with any activity that the you don’t agree with, make sure to spend some “together” time later. After all, if it didn’t matter when you dated, it shouldn’t matter now.



Revelation 3

Expect to be his official housekeeper. It doesn’t matter who took care of his house earlier; the minute you are married, you are the one who’ll have to deal with the dhobi, the milkman and the maid. Expect your man to pretend total ignorance of the ways of the house even if he’s been managing on his own before.

Revelation 4

Do not expect your husband to be neat in the bathroom — very few men understand that the bathroom should be tidy, that the floor isn’t the place for toilet paper or that the toothpaste needs to be capped.

For him

Insight 1

Your money is her money but her money? Sorry, but it cannot be yours. Life’s a paradox, and here’s an example. Expect your wallet to be hers and your bank accounts to be her property.

Insight 2

A lot many marriage problems arise from the fact that your wife believes that you love your mother more than you love her. Tread carefully—do not EVER risk comparing her cooking, sense of style, housekeeping, or management with your mother’s.

Insight 3

Be aware that your wife needs a lot of space and you can’t have yours. She will go to her friend’s place, a party ora reunion. During these occasions, you will be expected to amuse yourself suitably. But if you do the same more than once a month, expect to hear you are irresponsible and still in the “bachelor mode.” Worse, you don’t love her anymore.

Insight 4

This one’s a killer: you will beexpected to be interested in household work. But, it’s your wife who’ll make all the decisions. Know that you will have to accompany her on trips to the shopping mall—it’s part of your husbandly duty. However, know that none of your opinions will have any bearing on what reaches home eventually.

Now go on—take these relationship tips to be prepared for all the very basic challenges of married life.



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