Dealing with an “Ex”


Only if ex was just a prefix added to those people’s name who no longer hold importance in one’s life, but that’s not the case. Other than its literal meaning, the prefix “ex” has grave connotations. An ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend or for that matter even your ex boss and ex best friend may just pop out of nowhere and wreak havoc in your life.

Imagine walking on the street, and surprise! surprise! Out of the blue comes your ex boyfriend/girlfriend (oh yes, the world is a small place!), worse, walking hand in hand with a new arm candy, and what could be even worse – you still have feelings for him/her. Now you are caught up with feelings of the past. Even the thought of something like this ever happening can be scary. Of course your day is ruined but if you don’t act wisely at that time, you may have to pay a huge price later. So the big question is what’s the best way to deal with an ex?

First and foremost, always remember that an ex is an ex. The thumb rule is to maintain distance and not get into lengthy conversations. Sometimes it’s not so bad to quit. Hi and bye is the way to be. If he/she tries to be friendlier, snub his advances and walk away.

But if you really miss your ex, can you be friends again?

Well, it depends. If the person in question is your ex best friend, it is always great to get back together. If it is your ex boss it would be nice to exchange some pleasantries (even though you parted on not so good terms) and be cordial to him/her. Generally, it is fine to be friends with your ex and depending on the nature of separation you can be just friends or great friends.

But if it is your ex boyfriend/girlfriend, think not twice but a hundred times before coming to a decision. If it hasn’t been very long since you parted (at least 6 months), it is not advisable to get friendly with him/her. Give yourself time to heal and move on, and then think about being friends. By and large, the idea of becoming friends with an ex partner isn’t that great; there is every chance that you will hurt yourself all over again.

The decision to trust an ex is entirely yours but learn from your mistakes and do not get into a messy situation you are not confident of. Think things through before extending the olive branch to an ex.


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