Daylight Saving Time: 21 Sexy Ways to Enjoy It


After the brutal week we’ve had, we’re psyched this weekend will be slightly longer than most. That’s right: It’s daylight savings time once again. You’ll set your clock back an hour on Sunday, and get some extra time to enjoy with your honey. We’ve compiled a list of fun things to do together. Check it out–and let us know if there’s anything we missed!


1. Have mind-blowing sex.


2. Make a memory book of fun times; add photos and cute quotes.


3. Give each other massages.


4. Relax in a bubble bath together.


5. Take a cooking class.


6. Build a fire in your fireplace, and cuddle.


7.  Mix up a fun cocktail.


8.  Picnic at the spot where you got engaged.


9. Enjoy a long, leisurely brunch.


10. Watch a romantic movie.


11. Take in sunset (or sunrise).


12. Go bowling (ignore the icky shoes).


13. Check out a local art exhibit.


14. Take a scenic hike.


15. Go ice skating.


16. Try a new type of cuisine.


17. Learn how to salsa dance.


18. Check out a local festival.


19. Take a yoga class.


20. Make a cake from scratch.


21. Have a wine-tasting party (for two!).



2 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time: 21 Sexy Ways to Enjoy It

  1. The clocks go forward an hour, so we lose an hour of sleep. My computer says “Daylight Saving Time. The clock is set to go forward one hour at that time”…

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