Sex on a platter – What turns you on?



Get to know her…and we find it a big turn on. It’s a big yawn when a man goes on and on about himself and his dog or his latest gizmo. We get turned on when he shuts the entire world out and lends us an ear.

A man in uniform – Sorry men, but this is not a myth. Women love men in uniform. And although most may be partial to policemen, we give our thumbs up to any uniform!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries. They say so much – you’re sexy, your sweet, and I want to feed you them. Plus, chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

Massages – In a mood to get intimate? Do your homework before you get in a mood of giving her a massage. A sexual massage is akin to foreplay and the right moves are what turns a woman like a thousand watt bulb. One wrong move and she would say goodbye faster than the blink of an eye. If you suck at giving a massage, and many do, give her a gift certificate to a massage parlor. Then meet her afterwards. Have a professional do the grunt work, but reap all of the benefits.

A man with a great body – Women are not nearly as fixated on this one as men are, but women are also turned on by a man with a fantastic body. It wouldn’t hurt to have a cute backside and wide shoulders. And who am I kidding when I say that isn’t a turn on…? It’s a big ‘O’ watching the cute backside hug a perfect pair of denim.

 Mind Games – The biggest erogenous zone is her mind. And stimulate it and you have a perfect ten on your hands. Whisper in her ears. Talk about your sexy thoughts and fantasies and that, is an ultimate turn on. It matters very little what you actually say; it’s the way you say it that gets her!

And the grand finale has to be The Perfect Pucker – Intense, lingering kisses which still remains her ultimate aphrodisiac. Here’s the time-saving secret: If you invest a good five minutes or so on really kissing her (we’re talking face-cradling, hair-stroking, slow and sensuous making out here), you’ll create the illusion of a long, languorous seduction, not the rush-job you’re really planning.


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