Fabulous foreplay tips


By Mystic Minx

Ok…let’s get this bit clear…Foreplay is not about…Kissing…Breasts…and Intercourse …. all in five minutes! In actuality, foreplay is really about courting and wooing your partner’s  sensual responses and sexual arousal.

Meet your partner 

You have to agree with moi that there’s nothing sexier than role playing to heat things up. Pretend you are strangers, meet up at the coffee shop and pretend that you are having a one night stand with a perfect stranger. It’s a sure shot hot way to up your ‘wildest fantasy’.

Give him a hand

If you are out in public, drive him up the hill by running your fingernails over his thighs. Do not be obvious, but be a tease. A lingering brush whilst waiting in the movie line, or a brief stroke whilst sipping a cup of coffee will have him throw you up against the car seat without waiting to head back home.

Who said you can’t be a teen?

Remember your teenage days whilst the back seat of your car or the couch was a luxury. For a change, leave your bedroom doors closed and make out in the back seat of your car. Ofcourse, make out with your clothes on. It can’t get any steamier!
Talk and tease

During foreplay, dirty talk can be as great as the sex itself for many women. If you can describe how you want to touch her, when and where…well like a saying goes, if you f you know how to have sex with her brain (it is a major sexual organ), you can bet that she’ll be begging you to have sex with the rest of her in due time. If you need to touch her while you dirty talk her during foreplay, focus your mouth and hands on her neck, wrists, inner thighs, lower back, and ears.

Use Your Breath

Start by letting your parted lips linger somewhere on his body, like his stomach or chest, then slowly exhale. “My girlfriend takes a long, wet lick up my neck, followed by a warm breathOr sometimes she’ll go really fast, alternating between licking and cool blowing on my nipples. It’s like a stimulation bonanza.” says Aryan.


Ban hands

Touch each other all over, without using your hands. Try your hair, lips, tongue, breath, to stroke each other’s sensual points.

Get a massage

The old trick always works wonders. Use an aromatic massage oil with a touch of spice! And go for the whole nine yards. You can work in a bit of a role play in this session too – masseur and her client! Naughty…naughty!
Just before leaving for work.

Just when your partner’s leaving for work, slip into something delectably sexy and give him a preview of what’s in it later. Add a dollop of red lipstick, slip into your highest heels and strut around wearing a baby doll and give him a head and send him off packing to work. If this isn’t foreplay, I wonder what is….
Strip down

Strip shows aren’t just for men anymore; women have gotten wise to the idea of having men perform a peel dance for them. If you are not gung ho about taking the pole, then do a slow strip tease for your woman. A word of advice: remove your socks before you do anything because nothing turns a woman off faster than seeing a naked man with his socks on. Now that you’re set to go, start by removing your shirt (unbutton it slowly while maintaining eye contact), then your pants, and finally your underwear. At this point, undress her just as slowly. Sit her down and remove her clothing in the same order you removed yours.

Watch sex and have fun.

At times, porn can be fun. It can set the mood right for you and your girl provided ofcourse, both of you’ll enjoy adult entertainment. But make sure, you pay more attention to your partner than the movie. The idea of watching a movie is to get the imagination rolling. But watch for your partner’s reaction before getting all heavy!


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