A first time for everything

They say the first time you fall in love is nothing less than magical. For the first time you are truly alive, for the first time you can feel and for the very first time you know what true happiness is. Your first love is said to be someone you can never forget, they will always be a part of you. However, in most cases the notions regarding first love are overrated if not ridiculous. Let us elaborate.


1. Matter Of Heart

You and your first love are going out for a date. You have never been more excited. You have been counting down the hours till you saw him next. Every second away from him seems to be nothing less than pure torture. As he walks through those restaurant doors dressed in his best and your eyes meet across the room, your heart ‘skips a beat’. Yes, skips a beat indeed as they say. If that’s what happens every time you see your ‘pehla pyaar’ then that in fact would be the last time you ever saw him.

2. In My Head

When you are in love especially for the very first time, all you supposedly want to do is to be with your better half. A few hours of separation leaves the two of you distraught. Being with each other is the only motive that governs you, everything else becomes irrelevant. In order to cope with this unbearable pain (sarcasm intended) you resort to being together mentally if not physically. You imagine being with her, talk to her and swap stories with her. Everyone else definitely mistakes you for a lunatic and is trying their best to stay away from you.

3. Danger!

The colour red has always been somewhat of an eye sore for you but the minute you found your first love, you see it everywhere and to your surprise, you love it. Your clothes, the walls of your room and everything you own is a reflection of your love: of red. Trust us, the only thing you are actually doing is causing a traffic jam with you stopping at every red signal you cross.

4. Drama

Every romantic Hindi movie is a reflection of your love for your beloved. Every dialogue, every move is descriptive of how you feel. Shahrukh Khan is suddenly your second most loved person in the world (after the girlfriend of course). However, when you go to proclaim your unconditional love for her she will definitely fall asleep by the time you are done with your rendition of ‘k-kkkkiran, I love you’.


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