Do’s and don’ts of having casual sex after divorce



For many, casual sex after divorce provides for their physical need without feelings of guilt and helps them to heal and grow.

But some women will confuse the intimacy with love, leaving them open to be hurt.

Many women find it difficult to be in a casual sex relationship because of the powerful hormone oxytocin, which is released during orgasm. It is believed that oxytocin may cause a woman to create a strong emotional tie to sexual partners.

So, it is important that women heal and let go of the fairytale before entering into a casual relationship for sex.

Now, the Huffington Post has provided a list of useful do’s and don’ts of having casual sex after divorce.

First it says women should be honest.

Explore your innermost reasons for wanting to engage in casual sex as well as what that means to you, it said.

Next is to be straightforward.

You need to be confident enough to tell your partner exactly what you do and do not want in the relationship, said The Huffington Post.

One should be realistic. Know that this relationship is temporary and it will end.

And be safe and protected – Do your homework if you met him online. Let a trusted friend know where you are and with whom and be prepared with condoms and use them, even if you have other means of birth control, it said.

Don’t get emotionally attached. Consistently remind yourself that this relationship is all about sex and that it’s not about love and it will never be.

Don’t expect to be wined and dined. It is all about sex, it is not dating.

Don’t take him home because it is just not safe unless you have a very good idea of who the man is.

Don’t make it personal – When the relationship is over, know that it has fulfilled its purpose. There is no need to be sad or grieve, it suggests.

And lastly don’t have casual sex with your ex.

This is the worst thing you can do because you have way too much personal attachment with your ex for it ever to be casual.


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