Power Box!

ImagePower plate workouts: we always thought that they sounded like a good and totally implausible idea. Working out on a vibrating plate makes you burn calories and tone muscles in a fraction of the time of a regular workout? Pull the other one, right? That’s what we thought, anyway – until we got the chance to try out a Power Box class at a new London gym…

Power Box is an instructor-led, 25-minute workout where participants go through a routine that will be fairly familiar to devotees of boxercise classes – but the addition of the vibrating plate. From the moment it was switched on we realised that we were in for a workout a bit more challenging than what we anticipated…and indeed by the end of every session we were sweating and panting more than we would after a 10K run – not a mere 25 minutes of exercise. Even though we were only doing the class once a week, we noticed a real difference in our muscle tone – and our ability to take on our usual, non-vibrating workouts. Vibrating plates work! Who knew?

A further plus: three twenty-five minute sessions a week will do you, exercise-wise – efficiency is a big plus in our busy lives when scheduling in workouts is not always easy…and when (we confess) our short attention span means that we can get kind of bored with a standard, hour-long class.

The only drawback? At £20 per session (slight discounts are available if you sign up for packages), with three sessions a week recommended, this is one get-fit method that requires quite a serious investment. But if you consider that you’re looking at a fit body for less than the price of many a handbag…well, let’s just say we may just redirect some of our Mulberry fund.

Learn more about Power Box at Good Vibes Fitness here.


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