How To Shop For A Spring Suit: A Menswear Expert’s Must-Read Guide

ImageIt’s not easy to shop for a suit anytime of year, but when the warmer months come creeping up, finding options that beat the heat and still look fly becomes harder than turning on the radio and not hearing a Maroon 5 song. So, we turned to a sartorial guy’s style star to help us figure out what to look for when we’re in the market for a sharp essential. Enter: Jon Patrick, creative director and VP of product for J. Hilburn, a must-visit men’s e-commerce site that delivers “custom luxury menswear.” In addition to running the dapper dot com, Patrick’s also the founder of The Selvedge Yard, a blog curating culture, dude duds, and…motorcycles! 
“The resurgence of the sport coat in menswear has paved the way for a full-on suit revival,” says Patrick. The problem? “Spring and summer suits can be a little more tricky — most guys are afraid of looking like Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes or the Good Humor man.” Luckily, JP took time out of his insanely busy schedule to dish his top tips on scoring the perfect suit, from fabric to color to pattern.

“Tropical Weight Wool, or Trop Wool, is lightweight wool in a more open weave. It’s breathable; comfortable like a second skin. You’ll get more wear out of it than a cotton or linen, and it definitely won’t wrinkle as much, so a lot of guys see this as a good investment — especially our friends down south. Consider buying both a light grey and navy suit so you can mix the separates for even more sartorial mileage. And, pay attention to the cut of the suit — a clean Neapolitan fit like Isaia will make it feel like your second skin: The perfect shoulder, nipped waist, and a higher armhole.”


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