What To Wear In Summer

KGo Grunge

Of course you shouldn’t go totally grunge, Fashion is very important , with people dressing to flatter their best qualities and attract the polite attention of others. Many see their good grooming as an addition to the historical and natural beauty around them, and choose to suffer a bit of discomfort rather than look sloppy. For a tourist, this means that the Italian aesthetic can seem almost unattainable, especially with a limited supply of clothing. To make up for this, do some shopping when you reach the country. This way, it’s easy to purchase things that fit the climate and feel of the place once you’ve experienced it.

K2The Allure of Basic Blue

Even in the summer, Blue is king for men and women. It’s easy to care for, is simple to accessorize and matches any new Italian gear that may join your wardrobe. Spiegel states, “Blue is always in fashion, even in summer, and it goes with everything–so if you get to Italy and find the color of the season is lime green or mauve, you can pick up a small item in a market in the new hot color and pair it with what you’ve brought with you.” Men will also find that black clothes translate well into multiple settings without too much fuss.


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